The Basics

What you will need to know.

How does OrbitRemit Work

What we do to get your money from one place to another.

I've done Something Wrong

What to do when you have made a mistake.

Settlement Process

Learn about our settlement process and how long you can expect it to take.

Exchange Rates and Fees

learn about the exchange rates we offer and associated fees.

The OrbitRemit Service

Learn about who OrbitRemit is and why we are secure.

Payments to IRD

How to pay to the IRD.

Rewards & Loyalty

What you gain by using our service.

Transferring Funds

Learn about how you can fund your payment.

Limits and Verification

Learn how to become verfied and increase the amount of money you can send.

Payment Options

learn about the different payment options OrbitRemit can provide.

Recurring Payments

Help articles about how to place recurring payments using OrbitRemit.

Tracking Payments

Knowing where your money is at all times.

Payments to Ministry of Justice

How to pay the ministry of justice.

Airtime Top-Up Payments

How to make mobile airtime payments.

Security and Privacy

How we ensure confidentiality and your online security.