How it works

We allow you to make tax, student loan or child support payments to the IRD, in New Zealand, in just three easy steps. To lighten the load we will never charge you a fee.


Create your payment instruction

To make a payment we will simply need your IRD number, tax type e.g. student loan payment, the tax period for which you want the funds credited and the amount you wish to pay.


Transfer funds to OrbitRemit

Once you have created your payment instruction you then need to transfer the payment total to the local OrbitRemit bank account where you are. This is a domestic internet banking transfer and you will not be charged for this by your bank.


Payment made to IRD

Once we receive your local deposit into our account we will make the necessary payment, on your behalf, to the IRD. The funds will generally be credited to your IRD account the same working day we have received your cleared funds.

Why OrbitRemit

The benefits of making a payment to the IRD through OrbitRemit are numerous. Put simply we can save you money meaning you can make larger contributions towards your financial obligations.

Payments are Free

All payments to the IRD are free, all of the time. We will never charge you a fee to make a payment to the IRD, regardless of the amount you are sending.

Pay any Tax Type

Whether you are making payments towards your Student Loan or Child Support we can help you get the most money where it needs to be.

Excellent Exchange Rates

We offer excellent rates, more cost effective than paying from your bank or using a credit card.

Simple Interface

Whether using a desktop, tablet or mobile, our interfaces allow you to make payments quickly and easily. You can see all details of payments and keep up to date with any payments being processed.

Same Day Settlement

We are conscious of the need to deliver your payments quickly. Payment to the IRD will be completed the same working day that we acknowledge receipt of your payment.

Recurring Payment Option

We can set up regular payments that will generate each week, month or whatever suits you. You can set it and forget it and get on top of your financial obligations.

How does OrbitRemit Compare?

We can save you money on payments made to the IRD. Listed below are some of the benefits compared to more traditional payment methods.

  • Zero fees, at either end
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Same day settlement once we receive your payment
  • Historical record of all payments
  • Recurring payments available
  • Your card provider will charge you an international foreign exchange fee
  • The value of the funds paid can be significantly reduced because of this fee
  • Lengthly processing times
Bank Transfer (TT)
  • You will be charged a TT fee in the country you are sending from
  • You will also be likely to pay an additional TT fee to the New Zealand bank
  • There will be significant foreign exchange costs
  • Lengthly processing times