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1 NZD = 0.00 PHP

1 NZD = 0.00 PHP

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Always get the best exchange rates with our push notification alerts sent straight to your mobile. Our currency converter will give you up to the minute NZD to PHP rates so that you can make your money count for more!

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Cheaper than your bank

With our transparent fixed fees, you benefit from a flat fee no matter how much you transfer. Break free from extra bank charges with OrbitRemit.

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Our mobile apps allow you to transfer money on the go, stay up to date with current exchange rates and track your transfers. Download today and make life that much easier.

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As well as being licensed and regulated, OrbitRemit has a reputation as a company you can trust. We encourage you to see what thousands of happy customers have to say.

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Always Supportive

Our support team is always available to answer your questions. You can also find everything you need to know in our Help Centre.

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How long will it take to send money to The Philippines

We know that speed matters. All transfers are released the same day we receive your payment meaning you can expect delivery of funds in 0-1 business days.

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