How to send money to Norway

Send money to family and friends overseas in 3 easy steps

We pride ourselves on keeping things as easy as possible for you. It only takes a few simple steps to make money transfers to Norway online.


Create your payment instruction

The first thing you have to do is create a payment instruction on our website. This is a fast and simple process, taking only a few minutes. You just tell us how much money you’re transferring to Norway and where you want us to send it to.


Transfer Your Money

Once you have created your payment instruction, you then simply transfer the payment total to the local OrbitRemit bank account. Don't worry about bank transfer fees – this is a domestic online transfer so it won't cost you a cent.


We Transfer Your Money to Norway

When we receive your funds, we then convert the money at the best available Norwegian currency exchange rates (you'll see these up-front before you make your transfer). Then we deposit the payment into your recipient's Norwegian bank account. In most cases payment is completed the next working day after making the payment instruction.