How to send money to South Africa

Send money to family and friends overseas in 3 easy steps

Our first priority is keeping things simple and making your life easier. That is why we've simplified sending money transfers to South Africa to a few easy steps. Now you can easily take advantage of the best possible exchange rates to South Africa!


Create your payment instruction

Step one is to set up your payment instruction. You just log in via our website or app and tell us how much money you're transferring to South Africa and where you want us to send it to.


Transfer Your Money

In the next step, you'll transfer money from your bank to the local OrbitRemit bank account in your location. This is a domestic internet banking transfer and you will not be charged for this by your bank.


Payment made to recipient in South Africa

Once we have received your cleared deposit into our local account, we then transfer the money to your desired beneficiary in South Africa. The currency conversion is done at the best possible South African exchange rates we can get our hands on for you - which you will see up front before you send your money. In most cases payment is completed the next working day after making the payment instruction.